Housing Industry Association (HIA)

An initiative focussing on the residential construction industry to improve workplace cultures amongst its member base, through addressing the root causes of work-related mental injuries within the sector.

Project Update

COVID-19 has had an unprecedented impact on the construction industry. As an unfortunate consequence, the Housing Industry Association, as the Learning Network Chair, has been unable to engage a sufficient number of builders from within the sector necessary to establish the Learning Network.

WorkWell would like to thank the Housing Industry Association for their participation in the program and their early insights and commitment to building mentally healthy workplaces. Together with all of WorkSafe, we offer our support to the construction industry and all those affected by COVID-19.

Project Background - Residential Construction Network

The Network sought to build the capacity of participating workplaces to improve the work-related risk factors of high and low job demands, low job control, poor workplace relationships, and remote or isolated work to create mentally safe environments for workers.