Mental Health Improvement Fund Round 3

WorkWell has awarded the final round of funding through the Mental Health Improvement Fund.

Fourteen organisations have been successful. Read more about their projects.

Australian Council of Trade Unions logo image

Mind Your Head

The Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) is leading the Mind Your Head campaign to drive employers to create mentally healthy workplaces using a systems approach to address the work-related factors that impact mental health. Employers and employees will be empowered to identify psychosocial hazards and prevent mental injuries.

Australian Manufacturing Workers' Union logo image

Collaboration Delivers Wellness in Manufacturing

Working with manufacturing companies the Australian Manufacturing Workers' Union (AMWU) led project will focus on the adoption of policies and workplace practices that assist employers to recognise risk factors for the prevention of mental injury. The project will also raise awareness and understanding about the work-related factors that impact mental health. Working together toward this shared objective will provide the foundation for lasting, co-operative relationships at the workplace level.

AP Psychology & Consulting Services logo image

Applied Mental Health Leadership (AMHL)

Uses a digital platform, informed by evidence, to support University leaders to develop their skills in building mentally healthy workplaces. AP Psychology and Consulting's project focuses on increasing the capacity of leaders to identify and mitigate psychological risk factors and build psychologically safe places of work.

The Australian Workers Union logo image

Participatory Design of Mentally Healthy Work

Co-designing prevention led interventions with workers and employers for a 'Complete Worker Wellbeing System'. The Australian Workers' Union (AWU) is working with workers, managers, union representatives and project partners to devise proactive solutions to address the key work-related factors that impact poor mental health.

Civil Contractors Federation Victoria logo image

Positive Plans, Positive Futures

The Civil Contractors Federation Victoria (CCFV) project will reduce stress, burnout and increase retention among young workers and senior professionals in civil construction, through the inclusion of Mental Health Action Plans in tenders and applying a 'strengths-based approach' to develop a range of capacity building interventions.

Convenience Advertising logo image

Mental Health Leadership in Manufacturing

Working in regional manufacturing businesses, Convenience Advertising and their partners are using a purpose-built mental health, wellbeing, and sleep tool to gather baseline information about worker health. Based on the data, a number of interventions will be piloted which align to the work-related factors that impact mental health. Interventions will include rostering and scheduling practices and environmental controls including lighting and sleep factors.

Institute of Positive Education, Geelong Grammar School logo image

Promoting Teacher Mental Health

This project will benefit teachers working within schools in the Independent and Catholic schools sector. Geelong Grammar School's Institute of Positive Education will use an online platform (FlourishDx) to apply a risk management and health promotion approach to support schools address the work-related factors that influence psychological health, safety and wellbeing in teachers.

Liminal VR logo image

Positive Leadership Training Suite (PLTS)

Aims to prevent mental injury in young workers and promote positive organisational cultures and leaderships. Liminal VR will work with managers across a number of industries using Virtual Reality (VR) scenarios aligned with the work-related factors that impact mental health. The project will then work with managers to identify opportunities for prevention of mental injury and promotion of positive leadership within their organisation.

Lysander logo image

An Integrated Approach to Wellness

Working with white collar workers in the construction industry, the project will investigate and research how organisations can address the work-related factors that are impacting mental health and wellbeing. Lysander is leading the project and will work in partnership with key decision makers to deliver a framework that will provide a standardised approach for building cultures of wellbeing.

Simplify logo image


Working within the energy and transport industries 'Simplify' will reduce workplace complexity and create a job design and work simplification framework aligned to the work related factors that impact mental health. The fund recipient, Opposite, will develop interventions using co-design methodologies to improve systems and processes. They aim to embed workplace practices to optimise mental health and wellbeing and will develop tools and technologies to support ongoing implementation.

Rapid Context logo image

Wellbeing in Manufacturing

The project aims to optimise worker safety and wellbeing in manufacturing (defence industries) by providing employers with targeted, evidence based resources that enable them to move from compliance to best practice in addressing the work related factors that impact mental health. The Wellbeing in Manufacturing project is led by Rapid Context.

Trades Women Australia logo image

Workplace Diversity Project

Exploring how increasing diversity within workplaces drives improvements in mental health and wellbeing and reduces mental injury. Led by Tradeswomen Australia Foundation the project is working with the automotive repair and maintenance industry.

Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce logo image

Fine-tuning Automotive Mental Health

Utilising a 'whole of business' approach to examine organisational practice and addressing work systems, the Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce (VACC) led project aims to drive systems change for improved mental health practices within automotive workplaces.

National Centre for Farmer Health logo image

Primary Producer Knowledge Network

Working with primary producers in the agriculture, forestry and fishing industries to co-design, develop and evaluate digital and other interventions to create cultural and systems level change across primary industries. The project will take a holistic approach to address the work-related factors impacting primary producers mental health, wellbeing and safety. This project is a partnership between Western District Health Service, National Centre for Farmer Health and Deakin University.