Positive Plans – Positive Futures

A project that will build confidence in controlling mental injury risk and positively influence the way civil construction business owners, managers and workers think about workplace mental health

Adopting mental health prevention within the construction sector

The Civil Contractors Federation Victoria (CCFV) led project will reduce stress, burnout and increase retention among young workers and senior professionals in civil construction, through the inclusion of Mental Health Action Plans in tenders and applying a "strengths-based approach" to develop a range of capacity building interventions.

The project aims to reach 1200+ professionals and 200+ young workers over a period of two years via regional road shows, an annual Positive Mental Health Summit, Civil Skills Cadetship program, and tailored resources.

WorkWell Toolkit

An online tool helping you take your first steps toward a positive, mentally healthy workplace. The toolkit brings together resources and ideas that have worked for businesses like yours.