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All of your policy templates, resources, videos, case studies and more, all in the one spot.

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Designed for business leaders

Supporting owners, leaders, managers, HR, OHS and HSR to build mentally healthy workplaces.

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Step-by-step advice

Step-by-step advice tailored to your business size and industry type.

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A prevention-led approach

Supporting businesses to take a prevention-led approach to creating mentally healthy workplaces.

Meet the WorkWell Toolkit

An introduction and explanation of the WorkWell Toolkit.

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What's good for people, is good for business

For every $1 invested in successful mental health initiatives, businesses see an average of $2.30 return on investment (2014 PwC Report).

What's good for people, is good for business

Practical resources tailored to your business needs

The WorkWell Toolkit is a free online tool. It uses a step by step approach to help business leaders promote mental health and prevent mental injury in the workplace through access to tailored tools and information.

Practical resources tailored to your business needs

Make the Toolkit work for your team

Work through the topics most relevant to your business, at a pace that suits you.

Make the Toolkit work for your team

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Peace of mind

All information you provide to WorkWell is completely secure and private. Data will be aggregated and used to report on the mental health practice and progress of all Victorian workplaces.

Information the WorkWell Toolkit provides on workplace mental health and wellbeing are suggestions only. Your organisation is still obligated to comply with health and safety legislation relating to mental health and wellbeing.

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