Supporting employers to improve mental health and wellbeing in the workplace

WorkWell's Learning Networks bring workplaces and experts together to share ideas and knowledge, and provide advice and support to implement workplace initiatives that create safe and mentally healthy environments for identified Victorian working populations.

The Learning Networks aim to bring Victorian workplaces together through organisations such as industry groups, employer associations and employee representative organisations to collaborate on practical initiatives that create positive workplace cultures. The Learning Networks will be outcome focussed whilst providing a platform for workplaces to build their capacity regarding workplace mental health and wellbeing.

Applications now closed

Applications to Chair a Learning Network are now closed. Applicant organisations will be notified of the outcome of their application in April 2019.

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Funding Principles

The Learning Networks are underpinned by the following principles:

Prevention focused

We support organisations to take a prevention-led approach to promote positive mental health and wellbeing, and prevent mental injury and illness amongst identified vulnerable Victorian working populations.

Outcome driven

To maximise the value for employers, Learning Networks will be outcome focused, working towards actively creating organisational change within workplaces.

Knowledge creation and dissemination

We promote and encourage the creation of new knowledge and evidence about workplace mental health and wellbeing that can be shared with the working Victorian population.


Workplaces will work collaboratively through the Learning Network using human-centred design to plan, develop, implement and evaluate initiatives in partnership with subject matter experts.

Creating organisational level change

We aim to drive organisation-wide change through Learning Networks that design initiatives to address the root causes of organisational factors contributing to mental injury and mental illness in workplaces.


Outcomes achieved through the Learning Network will have an impact beyond the period of the funding. Sustainability of workplace initiatives implemented through the Learning Network and/or the Network itself is critical.

Vulnerable Populations

The Learning Networks will target the following identified vulnerable population groups:

  • Young workers
  • Ageing workers
  • Frontline workers
  • Industries in transition

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