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Vicarious Trauma is an occupational challenge for many Victorian Government Departments . The personal impact and cost to the workplace is high. There are many frontline employees working across Victorian Government Departments who are vulnerable to the mental health impacts of exposure to trauma.

CPSU will work in partnership with the Departments of Justice and Community Safety and Health and Human Services, on a project to develop customised resources that provide knowledge and skills for government departments to address the trauma needs of staff, and create supportive trauma informed workplaces. This will be achieved through the development of an evidence-informed Vicarious Trauma Toolkit.

The toolkit will include customised tools and resources for workplaces or departments, and will help build capacity of departments to proactively address trauma impact through policies, procedures, practices, and programs. It will assist departments prioritise organisational change, and identify needs to mitigate risk and prevent trauma related mental health injury and illness.

WorkWell Toolkit

An online tool helping you take your first steps towards a positive, mentally healthy workplace. The toolkit brings together resources and ideas that have worked for businesses like yours.