An Integrated Approach to Wellness

An Integrated Approach to Wellness - this project will answer the question "What do we need to do to improve the mental health and wellbeing of staff?"

Preventing mental injury by changing workplace cultures and practices

An Integrated Approach to Wellness is a project established to achieve industry-wide cultural change and to address recent research which shows the level of depression, anxiety and stress experienced by Victorian construction workers far exceeds population norms. The project consortium consists of Lysander, Mordialloc Freeway Joint Venture and Swinburne University.

Working with white collar workers in the construction industry, the project will investigate and research how organisations can address the work-related factors that are impacting mental health and wellbeing. Lysander is leading the project and will work in partnership with key decision makers to deliver a framework that will provide a standardised approach for building cultures of wellbeing.

WorkWell Toolkit

An online tool helping you take your first steps toward a positive, mentally healthy workplace. The toolkit brings together resources and ideas that have worked for businesses like yours.