WorkWell Toolkit

A free tool helping you to build a positive and mentally healthy workplace. The Toolkit brings together resources and ideas that have worked for businesses just like yours.

WorkWell Toolkit

What are work related factors?

WorkWell Toolkit user case study

WorkWell Mental Health Improvement Fund – Working Well in Wellington

WorkWell Mental Health Improvement Fund

Promoting mental health and wellbeing and preventing mental injury for vulnerable working populations by changing workplace culture and practices.

WorkWell MHIF – Arts Wellbeing Collective: The importance of creating a mentally healthy workplace

For an overview of our projects and industry collaboration

More information on WorkWell and mental health in the workplace

WorkWell Learning Networks

Bringing workplaces and experts together to share ideas, knowledge and provide advice and support to workplaces to implement initiatives that create safe and mentally healthy environments for identified Victorian working populations.

WorkWell Learning Networks

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