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The core purpose of Arts Centre Melbourne is to enrich the lives of Victorians – culturally, educationally, socially and economically and to provide leadership in the promotion and development of the performing arts (Victorian Arts Centre Act 1979). The Arts Wellbeing Collective is a demonstration of this commitment to leadership in the development of the performing arts.

The Arts Wellbeing Collective is an Arts Centre Melbourne initiative that comprises a consortium of more than 100 Victorian arts and cultural organisations whose shared vision is to effect better mental health and wellbeing for performing arts workers.

Building on the success of a 2017 pilot program, Arts Centre Melbourne has developed a three-year strategy that aims to build capability and capacity across the performing arts sector year on year. The project comprises a three-tier program of workshops, resources and sector initiatives; utilising evidence-based tools and strategies from positive psychology, clinical psychology, organisational development and workplace health and safety research. All program elements are specifically tailored to the unique challenges presented by the creative industries.

Objectives of the Arts Wellbeing Collective are to:

  • Improve support services for Victorian arts workers
  • Collate and share information
  • Effect industry cultural change
  • Improve support networks within and between arts organisations.

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