Wellbeing on Call

A project looking to make a difference to the mental health and wellbeing of Victorian workers with funding received from the WorkWell Mental Health Improvement Fund.

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Creating thriving contact centres

An innovative pilot project aiming to protect and promote the mental health and wellbeing of Victorian contact centre workers by improving their job satisfaction and job engagement. SuperFriend will lead this project in collaboration with its partners from the superannuation and insurance sectors.

WorkWell Mental Health Improvement Fund – Wellbeing on Call

The 20-month project will deliver a toolbox of resources and programs focusing on leadership approaches and team leaders' mental health literacy, improving contact centre workers' job design, and creating an environment within which they can thrive.

Wellbeing on Call uses a co-design approach to ensure relevance and value for those participating. It also includes a research evaluation component to help understand the current state of mental health and wellbeing of this vulnerable working population group and determine the project's impact. Findings will help inform development of similar programs for contact centre workers in the financial and insurances services industry.

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WorkWell Toolkit

An online tool helping you take your first steps towards a positive, mentally healthy workplace. The toolkit brings together resources and ideas that have worked for businesses like yours.